Our Beginnings

Peter J. Burer, company president, was riding in an off-shore sport boat, standing up, holding on as tight as he could while pounding the waves, jarring his legs, back and neck, when he started thinking that there had to be a better way to enjoy boating by somehow absorbing the shock waves inherent in a boat traveling at high speed or in rough conditions. 

He wanted to develop a pedestal which was relatively simple in design without a lot of parts, it had to be retrofitable so it can be mounted underneath existing seats, it had to be versatile so you can use it both under a single seat , a bench seat, or a bolster seat,  and it had to be cost effective. Seaspension® was born out of these criteria, and a U.S. Patent was awarded, and afterwards, several other foreign patents were awarded as well.

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About Seaspension

VALUES: Our Integrity, Honesty and Quality are based on Our Christian Beliefs.  Our Growth, Profitability and Leadership result from our efforts to provide the highest Customer Care & Satisfaction as if working for the Lord.    

VISION:  Be a strong, customer focused company known globally as a leader of innovative and cost-effective marine shock-mitigating technology.

MISSION: Grow Seaspension’s business by communicating the Price, Performance and Payload benefits of marine shock-mitigation technology accepted by the militaryto the commercial and recreational boating markets.

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"Having been a yachtsman and a chiropractic physician for over 30 years and spending a lot of time on the water, one of the most uncomfortable situations one can be in is 3-4 foot chop in a powerboat.  I tested a Seaspension pedestal ...I believe this is a great invention. It should be in all powerboats to make them safer and more comfortable."

John J., D.C.
St. Petersburg Chiropractic Clinic